Wednesday, May 12, 2010

255 final

III. I really don’t like the daily burn. It is very confusing I don’t know what they want me to put in and what I should be looking at. I don’t feel I need to track when I work out or what I eat. I am already at a healthy fitness zone, and I know what to eat how much to eat and when to eat. This program would be good for a person who need’s out side motivation to watch what they eat and how to work out.

iv. I would use this website as a guide line for all students. I wouldn’t tell them to lose weight or to gain weight. I would have this website for them to look at to see for them selves to get into a healthy fitness zone. Some students maybe more interested in building muscles or cutting carbohydrates. This website will serve as an outside source for information. For them to have there own outside the class room motivation this website will help. The students can have a constant reminder and assistance all on line.

V.I think one tool that would be most reliable for the LS#1A would be pedometers and heart rate monitors. These’s are the most accurate tool measuring the students fitness in the class room. Out side the class room students can make up there data and the calorie intake. Also the students will be able to track there step count. There are some wonderful sites that track step counts. Everyday they can log in there step counts and see how far they are walking across the United States or the wall of china.

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